Thank you for making the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon a success!

The teachers and staff at Bigelow enjoyed the wonderful lunch last Wednesday.

A warm thank you to all that contributed your time and delectable food to the Teacher Appreciation Lunch.

A special thank you to Magda Duchnowska and Beth Hicks for leading this effort for us.

And to all of you:

Albert Kurland, Alexandra Novina, Andrea Hemment, Anna Olivella, Anne Reenstierna, Aoife O’Dwyer, Beth Secinaro, Cindy Henry, Connie Tong, Debbie Fredberg, Deborah O’Rourke, Emlie Tucker, Heidi Gardner, Holly Georgiadis, Joanne Simpson , Judy Kelly, Judy Stern, Karen Manning, Karen Petrulakis, Katia Stavropoulos, Kelly Qian-Tsuchida, Kristin Golden, Laura Gainsboro, Macy Tubman, Maria Hanelin, Maria Howell, Marianna Lenskaya, Meredith Andrews, Michele Baxter, Miriam Alandydy, Rachel Zoob Hill, Rebecca Schmidt, Roberta Laredo, Shana Smythe, Shannon Flint, Teresa Carmona, Terri Bancroft, Tiffany Angel, Tracey Wolfsdorf, Tripti Thomas-Travers, Una Simmons, Wendy Kritzer, Xiaolei XU, Xujiang Wang.

Dishes, utensils, bags etc can be picked up from the kitchenette off of the library.