Midterm progress reports are available on Skyward

From the Principal’s Office

Midterm progress reports for the first trimester are now posted at the online site, Skyward.

You can access Skyward from the Bigelow website, www.newton.k12.ma.us/bigelow. Once in Skyward, you should click on the “Portfolio” tab and then click on “Progress Report Card for Term 1” in order to see the pdf of your child’s progress report. Please submit your electronic signature to indicate that you have seen this progress report.

This progress report reflects first term midterm marks for full year classes that meet and grade on a trimester basis. It will give you a general summary of how your child is performing in these classes so far this term. Please review this interim report with your child, highlight his or her progress, and discuss ways that he or she can improve. The end of the first term is Friday, December 1, and first term report cards will be ready for online viewing in Skyward on Tuesday, December 12.

Not all classes are included in this midterm progress report. FAA classes, such as Art, Drama (grade 6), Music, Health & Wellness, and Technology/Engineering, only issue midterm grades and comments if your child is in danger of not passing. You will be notified directly by these teachers. No midterm comments are given for the electives of Band, Chorus, and Orchestra.

If you have questions about your child’s progress report comments, please contact the teacher directly or your child’s counselor.

Todd Harrison