Bake Sale Thank You

Thank you to all of you for your support of the Election Day bake sale.  We raised close to $1000 and voters enjoyed all of your culinary creations.

We greatly appreciate the help of the all of you who baked items for the sale and to those of you who staffed the table during the election.

Thank you to the following Bigelow parents for baking and / or working at the bake sale:

Akiko Schultz, Alexia Giannakopoulos, Andrea Hemment, Aoife O’dwyer, Beth Hicks, Bridget Lannery, Caren Kimball, Chichi Grove, Deborah Fredberg, Ellen Jiang, Emilie Tucker, Gail Fitzgerald, Heather Raker, Joanne Simpson, John Heneghan & Eve Sadowsky, Li Liang, Maren Rossman, Mary Miller, Mary Miller, Melissa Lerou, Monika Sawicka, Neela And Mason Sullivan, Shana Smythe, Sonya Tembelopoulos, Teresa Carmona, and anyone else we may have missed.

A special thanks goes also to the Bigelow custodians for their help before and after this event.

And lastly, a BIG thank you to Jen Rugani and Magda Duchnowska for organizing and running this event for us.