A Multi Cultural Festival – Celebrating World Traditions in the Heart of Newton

Come enjoy A Multi Cultural Festival. The uniqueness of this cultural festival is in its interactive quality, an inclusive and broad-minded global perspective sharing experiences of harmony, celebration, and unity within the wonder of diversity.

Every performance will either invite audience participation, whether it be in Italian Renaissance Commedia Dell’Arte scenarios, Tai Chi, or the crowd-pleasing Zumba; or have an instructional element in their performance, such as folk songs from the Caribbean or The American Chinese Art Society showcasing traditional Chinese dances.

In between acts, there will be spotlights on different booths representing different cultures and countries: Africa, Barbados, China, India, Venezuela and Peru. There will be short talks and interactive demonstrations: Calligraphy by Betty Chang and Yung-Chi-Sung, Maasai Beading traditions by Isaya Oleporuo of The Warriors organization, Origami, Makers and Meaning of Diwali craft traditions by Lakshmi Narayan Kadambi of Thinkfolk, and more surprises. All this and more sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

And last, but not least of course, there is food! International tastes for sale from Indian, Chinese, Caribbean, Latin and Italian cuisines and Arts and Crafts for sale. Admission is free. Please contact the Mayor’s Office for Cultural Affairs for more information at 617-796-1540.

November 19th, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Newton Cultural Center at City Hall