Thank you to all those who helped with the Teacher Appreciation Tea

A warm thank you to all that contributed your time and delectable food to the Teacher Appreciation Tea this week. The teachers and staff at Bigelow enjoyed the wonderful spread. A special thank you to Stacy Schwartz and Magda Duchnowska for leading this effort for us!!

THANK YOU: Debbie Fredberg , Andrea Hemment, Gwo-Shu Mary Lee, Marian McDonagh, Joanne Simpson, Rachel Zoob, Beth Secinaro, Monika Sawicka, Laura DeDominicis, Sarah Lee, Frances Kervin, Joana Canedo, Lisa Camesano, Quan Lu, Emily Hsieh, Karen Manning, Judy Kelly, Elsa Tsao, Klee Miller, Denice Adrianza, Xujiang Wang, Judy Kelly, Gail Fitzgerald, Nooshin Ghazi and Jordana Alford.