The Teacher Appreciation Lunch was a SUCCESS – Thank you!

The teachers and staff at Bigelow enjoyed the wonderful lunch last week. 

A warm thank you to all that contributed your time and delectable food to the Teacher Appreciation Lunch.

A special thank you to Stacy Schwartz and Magda Duchnowska for leading this effort for us, as well as Miriam Alandidy for all the help at the clean up!!

And to all of you:

Allison Lee, Ana Kales, Andrea Hemment, Ann Sharon, Anna Olivella, Anne Reenstierna, Aoife O’Dwyer, Autumn Sarzana, Beth Secinaro, Carol Ann Delmonico, Carol Pelon, Deb Gilpin, Debbie Fredberg, Diana Kurland, Ellen Waldorf, Heidi Gardner, Janet Rickershauser, Jenn Goldberg, Jessie Gilmartin, Joana Canedo, jordana alford, Judy Kelly, Karen Manning, Karen Stevens, Klee Miller , Krista Corr, Kritzer, Laura Gainsboro, Lena Goodwin, Magda Duchnowska, Marcia Heron, Maria Howell, Marianna Lenskaya, Mary Lee, Meridith Welch, Michele Baxter, Miriam Alandydy, Monika Sawicka, Roberta Laredo, Sami O’Reilly, Sarah Lee, Shana Smythe, Terri Bancroft, Tracey Brenner, Tripti Thomas, Valerie Pontiff, Winnie Liu, Xujiang Wang, Yuri Eidus

Dishes, utensils, bags etc can be picked up from the kitchenette off of the library.