Thank you to all that helped with the Bigelow Clean up

Thank you to everyone that came out today to improve and clean up the Bigelow grounds. Over 700 bulbs were planted, major pruning was done to “jungle” behind the gym and a new storage shed was put together.  It is going to look amazing in the spring.

Special thank yous to Kathy Marsh and Audrey Weissborn for their ongoing care of the plantings at Bigelow, to Mr. Harrison for joining us on your day off and to Tami Ireland for taking great care of the “island”.  Also thank you to all of you that joined in today:  The Arbuckle Family, Tracey Brenner, the Brunson-Sahakian Family, the Dumphy-Manfredi Family, The Fitzgerald Family, The Gardner-Matviak Family, Marcia Heron and John Delyani, The Hargens Family, Christine Langlois, Bob Leaper, The Marré Family, Aoife O’Dwyer, The Ou Family, Heather Pozen, Agi Sardi, the Smythe Family, the Steinbok Family, and Asher Weglein.  We apologize if we missed anyone.  It was a great team effort by parents, staff and students of Bigelow (current and future) to get the work done.