Odd Jobs and Services

“Newton Odd Jobs and Services” is Patrick Mahoney: Newton South HS Senior and Carter Harrison: Newton North HS Senior. They can be reached at 617- 610-4976 or

THEY RAKE (and more)!!

They rake small yards and large yards and prefer using RAKES over leaf blowers,because rakes do a better job, and, generally, they are easier!

What do they do with the leaves, you ask?: they take them back to the NSHS Farm compost bin…Three years later, they have gold!! (a.k.a compost)
Also, your leaves will be feeding the Newton South veggies!

They’ve been in the business for three years and rake Spring, Summer and Fall (but, mostly in the Spring and Fall). Fees are based on an hourly charge and free estimates are available. Call them today!

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