We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s soup stroll! It was a fabulous evening and an enormous success. The money raised will go towards our creative arts and sciences programs as well as technology. A big thank you to the hosts who generously volunteered their homes and who took great care and time to prepare special meals.  Thanks to all of you who participated – for your generous donations and for your terrific community spirit.  As much as the Soup Stroll is a fundraiser, it is a wonderful opportunity for families to connect, meet one another and form new friendships. 
A special thank you to all of those who provided a dining experience…

Ernie and Michelle  Gonzalez
Megan Campbell Risen and Udi Meirav
Michele and David  Baxter
Beth Gunning
Beth Porter and Peter Richmond
Kathy Setlzer and Ellen Shub
Lauri and David Perry
Veronique and Ivan Kugener
And our DESSERT host and hostess:
Julia and Einer Elhauge

Interested in hosting NEXT YEAR? It’s not too early to be put on the host list…let me know.
Happy Fall!
Becky Manley and Anna LeBlanc, Event Chairs