Balasana Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Carol & Maxi

The Balasana (child’s pose) Kids Yoga Teacher Training is for anyone who works and plays with kids. We teach how to take the basic principles and poses of yoga and apply them in games and fun activities for kids from age 2 – 12. Each activity helps support concentration, balance, coordination, individual growth and group cooperation. Whether you work with kids as a teacher, therapist, coach or live each day as a parent to a child the Balasana training will teach you have to apply yoga techniques to every day life.

Led by Maxine Kozler Koven of GaGa for YoGa ( and Carol Spickler of Little Me Yoga.
Saturday & Sunday June 16th & 17th
Saturday 12:30-8:30pm & Sunday 12:30-7:30pm
Prana Newton

$400 to register
16 hours in class training
4 hours at home studies
Unlimited support
Sign-up at

Maxine Kozler Koven 917-856-6720
Carol Spickler 617-610-8910