8th Grade Trip Fundraiser – Electronic Recycling coming in January

8th Grade Trip Fundraiser
Electronic Recycling Campaign coming in January

Do you have electronic gadgets sitting in your home that you want to avoid ending up in a landfill?  In January and February you can bring your working and non-working electronics to Bigelow during our Electronic Recycle campaign.  Bigelow will earn $ on these devices and you can be assured these items will be swept clean of data and be “upcycled” – sold, repaired and/or used for parts.  No item ends up in a landfill.  Our goal is to collect 250 items to earn $ to support the spring 8th Grade trip to NYC.

We will focus on collecting the most valuable items (working items have more value than non-working, but both are accepted):

-laptop computers
-game consoles (Wii; Playstation 3; Xbox360)
-handheld devices (Nintendo; PSP; Game Boy)
-digital cameras/camcorders/picture frames
-all smart phones
-most Apple products
-DVDs (in original cases)

There are also items that cannot be accepted, such as:

-flip phones
-Fax machines
-Desktop computers
-Computer monitors
-Ink Cartridges

Details will be available the first week of January.  Thank you for helping the 8th Graders and for participating in responsible electronics recycling.