Child Assault Prevention (CAP) program looking for Child Advocates

The Child Assault Prevention (CAP) program in Newton is looking for committed and dedicated child advocates to present its personal safety curriculum in local elementary schools.

Join up with current and experienced volunteer Prevention Specialists to teach children to recognize and respond to verbal, physical and sexual assault and abuse. Potential volunteers are community members who believe that children have the right to information, skills and the support of adults. We offer a flexible schedule to volunteers who enjoy teamwork and can make a yearlong commitment of three or four mornings a month.

To make it easier for people with busy schedules to train we have decided to offer 4 short morning sessions, 9 am to noon on W and F in Oct. The dates are 12, 14, 19 and 21. We are reserving the option to extend each session by an hour each day depending on the demographics of the trainees.

Part 1 of the training will prepare trainees to present one of the three facilitations and participate in all of the role plays. Part 2, on Review Time will be scheduled for late November, early December, based on the trainees’ availability.

For information or to set up an interview call Gail Sommer, 617-969-5906, x143 or email, Newton CAP is a program of Newton Community Service Center. Visit our webpage at for a description of the program and of the volunteer Prevention Specialist position.